Paul McCartney is reissuing three concert albums.

Paul McCartney brings the spring and summer leg of his Freshen Up tour to a close Saturday night at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and today he is reissuing albums from some of his past tours.

Wings Over America: Released in 1976, is available as a double CD, a three-disc vinyl set, and limited-edition color vinyl (transparent red, green and blue). The original souvenir poster comes with both vinyl releases.

Paul Is LiveThis 1993 collection has been remastered and is available as a two-CD set, a two-disc vinyl set, and a two-disc limited-edition color vinyl (opaque baby blue and plush peach white opaque).

Amoeba GigThis is the first full-length commercial release of his surprise free concert at Hollywood’s Amoeba Music on June 27th, 2007. Only four songs were previously released on the Amoeba’s Secret EP. Now it’s the full 21-song set, including a soundcheck recording of “Coming Up.” This will be released on one CD, in a two-vinyl disc set, and as a two-disc limited-edition color vinyl collection (clear and hazy amber transparent).

Choba B CCCPThis live-in-studio album was released in the Soviet Union in 1988, making Paul the first Western artist to issue an album exclusively for that market. It’s been remastered and is being reissued as the original 11-track Russian release, plus black vinyl and limited-edition opaque yellow vinyl. Loosely translated, the title means Back in the U.S.S.R., Again.


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