How to Cook a Turkey with Jesse and MJ

MJ learned that Jesse had never cooked a turkey (He’s 30 btw) and she was surprised. She was flabbergasted to learn that there were people in their 60’s who had never cooked a turkey. So we invaded Ladyfingers Catering so that MJ could teach us how to cook a turkey

Part 1 is picking the right one out and thawing.

Part 2 (The Seasoning)

  1. brine your turkey bout 24 hours in cold salt water.
  2. Remove the neck and gibblets
  3. Fold the wings under and tie the legs (if they aren’t already)
  4. (MJ’s Trick) Stuff Butter under the skin)
  5. Rub Butter and Herbs and Seasoning into the skin
  6. Then bake!

Part 3 (the Bakening)

Cover it in foil and bake! (our chef recommends 325) For temp advice see our interview with the Butterball hotline HERE

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