You've been Merging Wrong! Probably

This could seriously change your commute this morning . . . and for the rest of your life.

Whenever you have to merge, you know those jerks who drive past everyone else, and wait until the VERY LAST SECOND to merge?  Like on EVERY ROAD IN KENTUCKIANA!  It turns out they’re actually doing it the RIGHT way.  Cue dramatic music.

It’s called the “zipper merge” method.  Because if everyone does it, the two lanes look like a zipper coming together. Apparently traffic cabinets have been trying to get people to do this for years! (Why isn’t it taught in driver’s ed? or anywhere) 

Sadly for whatever reason, it hasn’t caught on. Probably because people think it makes more sense to merge as soon as possible.  Or our inner kindergartner comes out whenever we see someone cutting the line.

But studies show that if everyone waited until they were closer to the merge point, traffic would move 35% faster.  And it’s safer, so there wouldn’t be as many accidents. And it leads to 19.5% reduction in traffic finger usage.

VIA Coloradian


Also check out this cool video from the Kansas Transportation Cabinet.

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