Peeing in the Pool = Bad! Peeing in the Shower = Good!

Look there are 2 types of people in this world. Those that pee in the pool, and liars! Although it may be time to stop the untimely urination in pools.

According to a new study by China Agricultural University and Purdue University, peeing in the pool could actually be BAD for you.

The researchers found that when pee mixes with chlorine, it forms chemicals that can lead to respiratory problems, including asthma.

Quote, “If swimmers avoided urinating in pools, then air and water quality would likely improve independent of other changes in water treatment or air circulation.”

(Via Gizmodo)

Oh and if you really must go somewhere other than the toilet. Try the shower!

Think about it. About 27% of the water we use is from flushing the toilet.  So according to, if we’d all start peeing in the SHOWER, it would save millions of gallons of water every year.

And it would be even MORE environmentally conscious and cost effective for women, since you wouldn’t have to use TP for number 1. PLUS think of all of that money you’d be saving on TP!   You’d save yourself about six rolls of toilet paper a year. That’s a decent chunk of change. 

(Via MIC)

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