Julie Kessler

JulieKessler3-150x150Maryville Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher

Lesson have you learned from this person:

When my son Justin started kindergarten last year he was having a hard time. He was in speech classes and not being able to to put the sounds of letters and words together. Like for example he was saying egg and what he was meaning was leg. He was struggling with it and getting upset when he couldn’t get things right. Mrs. Kessler never gave up on him she worked with him and oh my the out come is amazing my son started picking up on the sounds and letters. He is no longer in speech class and is doing good. He came a long way and it’s all because of Mrs. Kessler never giving up on him. She knew he could do it. She has my other son this year and we are super excited because we know she will do her best with him too. She deserves to be recognized for how awesome of a teacher and roll model she is!!!