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Steven Tyler Granted a Dying Man's Wish


STEVEN TYLER recently did something really cool for a HUGE AEROSMITH fan.



A man in his 60s named Lawrence Ori suffered from a rare condition called "progressive supranuclear palsy," which is marked by brain deterioration.  Lawrence could barely speak or move . . . and he was on his deathbed.



He had dreamed of meeting Steven, but never had the chance . . . until his last day.



Lawrence's family, with help from the Passages Hospice Dream Foundation, contacted Steven, who agreed to meet him through Skype on a laptop.



After it was set up, Steven said, quote, "Lawrence?  This is Steven.  I'm coming to you from L.A. and I'm so glad to meet you . . . You hold on, Lawrence.  I love you man.  [It's] great to meet you." 



Lawrence couldn't respond, but he did tear-up.  He died later that day.


Watch the video here:

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