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The last thing LESLIE NIELSEN did as an actor was to lay down a voice track for the lead character in an animated flick called "The Waterman Movie".


Unfortunately, the writer and director . . . one Bryan Waterman . . . can't raise the funds to finish doing the animation.  So we don't know if the movie will ever be released.



But he's hoping that Leslie's death might inspire some fans to DONATE money to help him complete the movie.  And he swears he's not trying to take advantage of the tragedy.



He says, quote, "We have tried everything from funding the project out of our own pockets, accepting personal donations, and even heading up a full-blown campaign to raise money, but unfortunately we are still struggling to reach our goal.



"I must stress that I have no hidden agenda to profit off of this tragedy, but to give Leslie the opportunity to make us laugh one last time."




There's also a website where you can donate to the cause and get a "special thanks" in the movie's credits.

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